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Millions of Pakistanis Show Solidarity with Kashmir

Pakistanis have responded brilliantly to Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s call to show solidarity with Kashmiris on Friday. The Kashmir Hour, which began at 12 pm today, saw hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis from all walks of life turn up in numbers to demonstrate their love for Kashmir.

People in all the big cities of Pakistan came out with Kashmiri flags and banners, chanting slogans of Kashmir banay ga Pakistan to record their protest against the abrogation of Article 370.

Earlier, Imran Khan had urged the nation to come out for Kashmir on Friday. People from corporate offices, telcos, businesses, and students dedicated their time to gather for the cause to show the Kashmiri brothers and sisters that they are not alone in their fight against Indian oppression.

PM Khan had promised to be Kashmir’s ambassador to the world and that he will highlight the injustice being done in Kashmir at all forums across the globe

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