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Pakistan Developing A Supersonic Missile for Navy

#Pakistan’s Directorate General of Munitions Production (#DGMP) green-lit the development of a supersonic missile for the Pakistan #Navy (#PN), according to the Pakistan Ministry of #Defence Production’s (#MoDP) disclosure for 2017-2018.

Neither MoDP or DGMP revealed the range, weight, dimensions, or other specifications of the missile. In fact, they did not specify if the supersonic missile would be an anti-ship cruising missile (ASCM) or land-attack cruise missile (LACM), but a dual-ASCM/LACM is likely.

In addition, the DGMP also approved the development of an “improved version” of the Harbah dual-ASCM/LACM. Pakistan revealed the Harbah through a missile test in January 2018 from onboard the PNS Himmat, an Azmat-class fast attack craft (FAC).

This ‘improved’ variant of the Harbah might be the dual-ASCM/LACM the PN test-fired in April 2019, again from the PNS Himmat FAC.

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