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Be Careful ! Punjab Government Increases Fines to Deter Traffic Violations

In a bid to deter traffic violations in the province, the Punjab Cabinet has approved measures to increase fines for car drivers.

Aslam Iqbal, the Provincial Minister for Information, said that approval had been given to raise the fines for violation of traffic rules as well as incorporating various steps to help ensure better traffic management in the light of Provincial Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, 2019.

He said:

These increased fines would help better manage traffic in the province.

Under these changes, bikers will be fined Rs. 300. While those driving cars will be asked to pay Rs. 700 if they are caught breaking traffic laws. Earlier bikers had to pay Rs. 200 while those with cars paid Rs. 500.

Chief Traffic Officer Lahore, Captain Retired Malik Liaquat said that the purpose to increase the charges was not to accumulate revenue but to create more caution. He added that the fee to get driving licenses has been reduced to aid citizens. He also said:

Out of fear people will not violate traffic rules and traffic would be smooth. Plus people will feel safer too.

The amended bill which is ready will be passed by the Punjab Assembly after it gets through.

Citizens, however, feel that this is unfair of the government because there is already inflation to deal with

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