12,000 MW(electricity) will be added to the National Grid of Pakistan till 2024

902 MW would be added to the system by December

1. 102 MW #Gulpur Hydropower project
2. 2 units of 1263 MW #Punjab Power Plant RLNG base project near #Trimmu Barrage Jhang.

463 MW would be added to the system during 2020

1. Commissioning of third unit of 1263 MW #Punjab Power Plant RLNG base project near Trimmu Barrage #Jhanng

2040 MW would be added to the system during 2021

1. 330 MW each #Thar Coal Based Power plants,
2. 660 MW coal power project at Port Qasim #Karachi
3. 720 MW #Karot Hydropower Project

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2160 MW would be added to the system during 2022

1. 330 MW Thar Coal,
2. First unit of 1320 MW Thar coal power project,
3. 870 MW Suki Kinari hydropower project #Naran
4. 300 MW coal plant at #Gwadar.

Moreover, 1,980 MW and 2,124 MW and 2200 MW would be added to the system during 2023 and 2024 respectively.

The projects were included
1. 700 MW Azad Pttan Hydropower
2. 1,124 MW #Kohala Hydropower
3. 300 MW #Ashkot Hydropower
4. 640 MW #Mahl Hydropower
5. 450 MW Athmuqam Hydropower
6. 82 MW Turtonas=Uzghor hydropower projects.
7. 2200 Nuclear Power Plants #Karachi

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  • N Power is the way for Pakistan.

    In the event of any sea route or port blockage (of The Persian Gulf or Pakistan,per se),there is no fuel supply risk,as the Yellow Cake or the Fuel Rods can be imported from PRC (by air).dindooohindoo

    The reactors can be imported from PRC,with the Fuel rods,and the DU can be used by the military ordinance factories,to make armour and ammunition.It gives an opportunity,to PRC to shuffle LEU stocks between PRC and Pakistan and IAEA safeguards.

    The norm in The N-Reactor trade is that the capital asset is given on almost 100% loan,for a long period- as much as half the life of the reactors.

    So the cash cost of the N-Power is almost Nil.There is NIL FX OUTFLOW and the LEU stocks can be enriched in Pakistan HWRs to create Nuke Fuel for N Subs - and the N Subs can also be purchased from PRC

    For a USD starved and power starved nation (for industry),the cash cost of power is the relevant cost,and not the Total or Variable or Marginal Cost.

    Once the reactor is critical,the power is peak load power,and surplus power can be used in pumped storage power plants.

    After linking the industrial capacity to the power supply,the Pakistani govtt has to export the power in the form of metal products or any other application.

    The incremental GDP earned from the N power will be at least 15-25 times the CASH COST OF THE N POWER,PER ANNUM.

    This vast gap in the costing can be used to create a sinking fund for Disaster Insurance and Decommissioning Costs.

    20% of Power capacity can easily be from N Power.

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