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Student from Karachi University Creates Shopping Bags That Can be Eaten

A student from Karachi University has created environment-friendly plastic from a marine plant.

The best thing about this type of plastic is that it’s edible. You can mix it with water or any other fluid and consume it without any harmful effects.

According to the student’s supervisor, the plastic can be used for making shopping bags. When it comes to its commercial aspects, the only drawback it has is that it cannot hold high-temperature liquids like tea, because it dissolves in hot solutions.

However, cold liquids like milk can be carried in these bags for short periods of time.

The student and her supervisor revealed their discovery in a morning show on Samaa TV.

The host can be seen mixing the plastic in the water and then drinking it to show that it actually comes without any side effects and can solve the pollution problem that our country is facing from excessive use of non-biodegradable plastic

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