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State of #Manipur Announces Independence from #India, Seeks #UN Recognition

The announcement was made on Tuesday on behalf of Maharaja of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba. The two leaders who made the announcement were Yamben Biren and Narengbam Samarjit, who will be the Chief Minister and Minister of External Affairs and Defence respectively for Manipur State Council.

After decades of violent independent campaigns in the formerly princely northeastern state – Manipur became a part of India in 1949. The Manipuri leaders have finally declared Manipur to be a separate state, adding that they will push the United Nations and other countries to recognize their just struggle and give them the status of an independent state.

We call on all the governments of the sovereign states of the members of the United Nations for their recognition of the de jure and exile government of Manipur from today onwards.

The leaders have claimed to be granted political asylum in the United Kingdom and that they have been trying “to engage with the Indian government”, however, they were “met with hate and hostilities”.

The state of Manipur has a population of 2.8 million and belongs to a group of 7 sister states in northeastern India where instability and armed conflicts run rampant

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