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#Pakistan has awarded Greenfield investment status to #Dysin Automobiles Ltd.

Under the automotive development policy 2016-2021, the government of #Pakistan has awarded Greenfield investment status to #Dysin Automobiles Ltd. They have been in the Pakistani market and have been importing commercial vehicles from #China for the past few years.

After being granted this status, they plan to assemble commercial vehicles i.e. trucks with Chinese counterparts. The will majorly work on the #SINOTRUK and have obtained 25 acres of land to set up the plant in #Hub, #Balochistan.

Dysin will import trucks in Complete Knock Down and assemble them in Pakistan. Complete Knock Down (CKD) condition, refers to the manufacturing procedure in the automotive industry in which the parts are exported completely and then reassembled in the country where the finished product is to be sold.

The automotive development policy (2016-2021) encourages theformation of new assembly plant facilities, new and upgraded models with new technology.

After the introduction of Auto Policy in 2016 and based on its performance since its incorporation, DYSIN has decided to establish CKD manufacturing facility to harvest the Government incentives and growth opportunity in the market. For this purpose, DYSIN has acquired a land of 25 acres in Hub Industrial and Trading Estate (HITE) under LIEDA, Balochistan. The company has planned to roll over its first locally assembled vehicle in third quarter of calendar year 2020 with an estimate of an investment of two billion rupees in this CKD project

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