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United Bravo Gets Much Needed Upgrades, Still Costs the Same

Earlier this year, two budget 800CC hatchbacks hit the local market to take over the space vacated by the discontinued Mehran – Prince Pearl and United Bravo. The launch of the Pearl has been pushed to January next year and the Bravo has received a few upgrades within months of its launch due to quality concerns.

The Bravo will now come in six new colors including:
Maroon metallic,
Beige metallic,
Royal blue,
Grey metallic,
Silver metallic,

The door handles will also match the color of your choosing along with matching side mirrors. It is pertinent to point out that the original Bravo didn’t have space for a spare wheel but now that is a thing of the past and it will come with a spare wheel. Even the fabric and cushioning of the seats has been enriched to provide comfort for the long drives.

These changes were much needed and are welcomed, it is good to know that United took customer feedback and acted on it. The biggest drawback of owning the Bravo was the lack of a spare tire. It also gives the Bravo an edge over Alto as Suzuki’s best-seller only has a tire repair kit.

As for the matching door handles and mirrors, they help provide the car a more contemporary look that looks more pleasing to the eye. More importantly, this is standard these days.

The sound insulation has been enhanced to help provide a far smoother and noiseless ride. The rear seats have been improved as well with the help of more headroom and additional recline in the seats that will benefit the posture. The seating has been made better with better fabric and cushioning to provide a far more comfortable ride.

All these changes have been done in order to enhance the ride experience of the passengers.

There had been reports of vibrations in the Bravo and according to the company, these have been resolved along with enhanced initial acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, listening to the demands of the customers, the company has added an engine shield and a charcoal canister.

There have been changes to the bodywork to provide additional safety to the customers by making it sturdier. The doors have been fitted with additional plastic claddings

According to reports, the changes were made after the company engaged multiple local vendors as they were able to provide the parts on a timely basis and at a cheaper cost. United Bravo now has a price tag of PKR 985,000 and the company aims to justify the increase with these upgrades

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