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Electric motorbikes and rickshaws to be produced locally

Pakistan’s first-ever #electric vehicle (#EV) policy has been given formal approval by the cabinet, under which the produc#tion plants for manufacturing electric motorbikes and rickshaws will be established in the country.

According to the details, the adviser to Prime Minister Malik Amin Aslam, while talking to the media, said that the country would be hugely benefited from the introduction of electric vehicles. Electric cars will eventually take over the conventional combustion engine vehicles, which will reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere and save as much as $2 billion in the annual oil import bill.

The electric vehicle (EV) policy has been approved by the cabinet, which will open new ways of revolutionizing the overall economic sector of the country. In the initial phase, motorbikes and three-wheelers will be shifted towards electric technology. The PM aims to convert 30% of the vehicles in the country into electric by the year 2030

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