Home News Higher Quality Euro-IV Petrol is Finally Coming to #Pakistan

Higher Quality Euro-IV Petrol is Finally Coming to #Pakistan


Prime Minister Imran Khan has outlined major policy initiatives to counter the growing impact of pollution.

He remarked that vehicular emission is the largest contributor to air pollution in the country and in a bid to curb this, the government is looking to import Euro IV emission standard fuel.

He added, “By the end of 2020, we will shift to the Euro V emission standard. This will help in reducing toxic emissions from vehicles.”

He said that Pakistan’s oil supply is dependent on oil imports with 50-60% of the total supply being imported. The oil being imported meets the European Union’s Euro 2 emission standard.

We have decided we will import a cleaner environmental friendly oil, [which will meet] the Euro 4 standard and added that the Euro IV has lesser chemicals that pollute the air.

A three-year deadline will be given to the oil refineries, during which they will have to enhance the quality of the fuel. If any refinery fails to meet the directives, it will be closed down after the deadline lapses. He also talked about the government’s move to shift the auto sector towards electric vehicles

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