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System With On-the-Spot E-Challans Goes Live in KPK

The police in #KhyberPakhtunkhwa has ordered relevant officers to duplicate the traffic management model currently in place at the #Hazara division. This has led to a significant decrease in traffic issues.

On Thursday, Dr. Mohammad Naeem Khan, Police Chief, Khyber Pakthunkhwa issued the orders to all regional police officials and capital city police officers. The statement added that multiple suggestions have been made for better traffic management in Hazara by the citizen traffic management committee.

The suggestions included denying petrol to motorcyclists not wearing a helmet, banning underage motorcyclists, special focus on discouraging addicts from driving public vehicles, and one-wheeling.

The statement further added that after these suggestions were implemented, there was a significant change in the traffic of the region. This has led to the KP police chief directing relevant officials to implement this throughout the province

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