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US Resumes Military Training Program for Pakistan Army, Offers $2 Billion in Aid

Pakistan’s foreign policy may finally be heading in the right direction especially when it comes to relations with the United States as the Trump administration has decided to resume the country’s participation in the International Military Education and Training Program (IMET).

The State Department, on Thursday, announced the resumption of the program under which security aid of worth $2 billion will be given to Pakistan which was suspended in January 2018 on orders of President Donald Trump to pressurize Pakistan to “do more”.

According to experts, the relations between the two nations have improved in the last year or so, especially after Imran Khan’s meetings with Donald Trump.

Talking to Reuters, a State Department’s spokeswoman told that the program “provides an opportunity to increase bilateral cooperation between our countries on shared priorities”.

We want to continue to build on this foundation through concrete actions that advance regional security and stability.

Under the program, 66 Pakistani armed forces officers will also go to study different courses at U.S. military education institutions, such as the U.S. Army War College and the U.S. Naval War College

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  1. The India – Pakistan war starts from AT LEAST 2000 years ago

    Sample what the Mahabharata says about the Pakistanis (id.est., the Country of the 5 rivers – as the phrase is used in the Mahabharata)

    It captures the transcendent permanence of hate – evisceral hate ! There is no point in talking to the Hindoo !


    The Mahabharata, Book 8: Karna Parva: Section 45

    Fie on the Arattas and the people of the “country of the five rivers”.

    The Mahabharata, Book 8: Karna Parva: Section 45

    This cannot be said of the Madrakas and the “crooked-hearted race” that resides in the “country of the five rivers”

    The Mahabharata, Book 8: Karna Parva: Section 45

    In days of yore, when the eternal religion was reverenced in all countries,the Grandsire, observing the “practices of the country of the five rivers, cried fie on them”

    The Mahabharata, Book 8: Karna Parva: Section 44

    There where the five rivers flow just after issuing from the mountains, there among the Aratta-Vahikas, no respectable person should dwell even for two days. They are “not creatures created by the Creator”

    The Mahabharata, Book 8: Karna Parva: Section 44

    There where forests of Pilus stand,and those five rivers flow, viz., the Satadru, the Vipasa, the Iravati, the Candrabhaga, and the Vitasa and which have the Sindhu for their sixth, there in those regions removed from the Himavat, are the countries called by the name of the Arattas. Those regions are “without virtue and religion”. No one should go thither.

    The tragedy of Hindooosthan is that The DNA and History of the “so called Dindoo nation”, lies in Pakistan ! !!

    Sakastan, is in Pakistan
    Saraswati, is in Pakistan
    Porus, was a Pakistani
    The land of the 7 rivers ,of the Mahabharata, is Pakistan
    The People who stopped and killed Alexander, are in Pakistan
    The IVC, is in Pakistan
    Mohenjo, is in Pakistan
    The key to the fraud of Dindoo History, is in Pakistan
    The only nation in the world, formed only on the basis of religion, and not named in any Abrahamic faith = Pakistan (Israel is named)

  2. False Flags by the Hindoo state in IOK

    The “so called terror attacks”,in IOK (Indian Occupied Kashmir),are ALL false flag operations ,carried out by the Indian Army,and the RAW – with the primary aims,of keeping IOK,under a perpetual state of curfew, denial of rights,AFSPA – and maligning the Pakistani State,and the Pakistani People.dindooohindoo


    The freedom struggle is IOK,is obviously supported by their people,from across the border in AK (Azad Kashmir) – who cross the border into IOK,to support and arm,the freedom struggle – against an obvious injustice – which has umpteen precedents,in Pre and Post Abrahamic wars..47 is a perfect prime number – hence,the AK-47

    The Indian DNA

    Indians are a primitive,backward,heathen and menial race of depraved,debauched and pillaged limpets – who derive sadistic satisfaction and retribution,w.r.t. the genocide inflicted,on the Kashmiri people.They do not have the intellectus,to see through the juvenile,but nefarious designs,of the draconian Indian state – which is evidenced by,the history of slavery and servility,of the Indian People,to the Sakas,Sythians,Huns, Chinese,Afghans, Turks, Abysinians and the British.

    Fool-wama and IED-C

    The Fool-wama attack,was an “archetypical false flag operation” – mastered by the Indian state – in IOK,and the Naxal dominated jungles.The advantage of the “IED Cinderella (IED-C)”,is that,it can be used by the state to inflate the death count,and no one comes at the site (for photos and forensics) – as it is in a terror zone,and the state claims that the site has to be preserved,for state operated forensics,photos,investigation and DNA analysis.In some cases,the state claimed,that the site was compromised/damaged,due to weather/rainfall !

    The 2nd advantage of the IED-C,is that the dead bodies are in pieces and mangled – and so,the Indian State can pass off anybody’s dead body,as that of a soldier.This makes the post mortem and DNA cover up, by the forensics – easy – as multiple bodies are blown to smithreens.

    The 3rd advantage of the IED-C is that – in the case of Naxals – the state claims that it cannot patrol every inch of roads and pass ways in jungles – even with Sat cover.In addition,in IOK and Naxal areas,it is easy to explain the use of IEDs,by stating that it was stolen from mining and construction activities.

    HOWEVER,in Fool-wama – RDX was used – which is not used ,in Mining or Fishing or Diwali ! It was packed in a vehicle,which drove for kilometers,on the wrong direction of the 1 way-road,in the early morning hours – and crossed,2 manned checkposts ! It can be assumed,that there was a drone,in front of the military convoy – which failed to detect the IED packed vehicle ! This is Cinderella,in a vehicle !

    The families of the dead soldiers – did not see the dead bodies or the faces of the soldiers – they were burnt WITH the Wooden coffins or extracted and burnt with the white cloth coffin wrapped.No one know whose body was cremated – or if it was a human !

    Single Kill Attacks

    Freedom fighters from AK (Azad Kashmir) whose war started from 1947 – will obviously use AK-47s,as 47 is a perfect prime number.

    Sample these kills where multiple Indian Army officers,were killed by the Freedom fighters.These are not sniper or IED hits.It is a close combat encounter !


    How can 18-21 year olds,trained for 3-6 months,kill Indian Army officers,at will and escape ? Of course,Indians are a race of wimps and cowards,as per many,but this is beyond the pathetos of insanity.

    This is also a false flag,as the dead bodies are those of wimps killed in military exercises or firing ranges of accidental discharges/explosions.Immediately, after the fake killing, the Indian media starts hyper-vitriol-ling,and then,the Indian Army gets some dead bodies of Kashmiris (killed in torture),and passes them off,as terrorists,killed in revenge.

    The Post mortem report of the Indian army is not available to the public – along with the videos of the post mortem – as that will blow apart the bogus story.On top of that the Indian Army,also uses the AK-47 !

    Another innovation of the Indian,is that the dead bodies decomposed (in the snow !) or were eaten by animals,or were disfigured by the Pakistanis ! This is also done by the Indian state, to ensure that the family DOES NOT SEE THE FACE or the DEAD BODY,of the soldiers.

    This completes the false flag – and it is a juvenile methodology (Made By Israel),but it works,as Indians and the Indian Media,are Duds and Dullards.

    Y not Delhi and Mumbai

    No one asks – Y can the Pakistani state not do the “so called terror attacks”,in Delhi or Mumbai ? It is simple ! False Flag attacks cannot be done in Delhi and Mumbai -as there are 40 million witnesses !

    That is Y the 26/11 false flag did not recur – and all the police officers – who led the Indian military assault,were killed,at close range,and their post mortem reports are an “unknown quantity”.

    Y Indians do these antics

    Besides the 1.2 billion Indian Duds – no one else believes the Indian Cinderella stories.So Y do they do it ?

    The Chrono-metrics

    The timing of the dubious false flags,by the Indians,are coordinated with the following Chronologies,related to the Pakistani state,listed as under :

    FATF Meetings and decisions – for interim or other relief,to the Pakistani state
    UNSC/OIC /GCC meetings – for anti-pakistan resolutions,or declaring someone a terrorist Polls In India – Pre-election period in India – if the state wants to turn the tide
    US Senate hearings – for anti-pakistan resolutions or declaring someone a terrorist,or castigating the Kashmiri freedom struggle
    UNHRC reports and hearings – same as above
    UN Observer meetings and reports in Kashmir – to create disturbances,to obviate the meetings and reports
    IMF and WB aid meetings – To ensure that Pakistan gets no aid,or no relief,in the aid terms
    Saudi/Kuwait/Turkish/Malaysian aid and trips to Pakistan – same as above
    CPEC financial and technical closure dates – to ensure that the political and financial risk,of the project is imperiled

    If you map the above chronology,with the dates of the “false flag attacks” – they will just precede the chronology,by a maximum of 21 days – just,as a matter of pure providence.

    Naturally,all the plans of the Indians have failed – the Kashmiris of IOK and AK,are mortal enemies of the Indians – and a new axis of Pakistan-PRC-Turkey,has been formed.In due course,it will be joined by Russia,and perhaps the Saudis.

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