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1320 MW Sahiwal Coal Power Plant environmental friendly Project.

The world’s most advanced environmental protection equipments, e.g.FGD, ESP, Low NOx Burners, etc. have been put into operation simultaneously with the generation units at the Sahiwal power plant #CPEC.

With the installation of state-of-the-art environmental protection equipment, Supercritical Technology, a high-standard management, and the plantation of more than 60,000 trees and 140,000 square metres’ turfs, the Sahiwal power plant is a true example of environmental friendly project.

To ensure the accuracy and fairness of the emission data, EPA-certified third party environmental monitoring agencies are engaged to monitor the quality of air, water and soil. Meanwhile, a number of monitoring stations have been set up in the vicinity to monitor the air quality to ensure that it has no adverse effect on the crops or orchards of the surrounding villages.

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