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Happy New Year’s for Pakistan Success and Happiness in 2020

#2020WillBeTheYearFor Pakistan Developing, Success and Happiness


New Year, New Developing Pakistan ! Just a day left until you start hearing this phrase from everyone around you.

It is a basic human habit how we scramble towards the decision of making everything in our lives better just as the year changes. It is in our nature that we like to fix things up when we have a compelling chance. The new year is that one chance.

2020 will be another attempt of ours at turning bygones of the past about making things right in our life. By December, we tend to push every mistake, every bad habit and almost everything that we look forward to making a resolution out of.

It’ll be the 1st of January and we are buzzing with motivation to get our New Year’s resolutions underway. We try to get everything together. We sign up for multiple programs for our well-being and are always on the look out of making everything better. May ALLAH Bless Us All With Integrity To Be Proud Of Our Country & Long Life Our Pakistan

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