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NHA started working on 53 Mega Projects with an investment of 5.2 Trillion Rupees.

Highlighted Projects Sukkur Hyderabad Motorway & 527 KM Tarnol, Fatehjang, Talagang, Mianwali, Muzaffargarh Highway

The National Highway Authority (NHA) has started working on road infrastructure projects reflected in the federal government’s proposed Public Sector Development Programme Plus plan but with ambitious deadlines.

A total of 53 mega projects involving an investment of Rs 5.2 trillion have been identified. The Plan has been divided into two categories and is named as PSDP Plus.

The first category has 29 projects in 11 sectors with zero government involvement. The total investment in this category would be Rs 2.9 trillion, while the second category has 24 projects in 7 sectors with limited government involvement. Total investment in this category would be Rs2.3 trillion.

The road infrastructure and related projects appear to be one of the major contributors of PSDP Plus where investment is envisaged to be mainly from the private sector. Sukkar-Hyderabad Motorway and construction of 527 km long Tarnol, Fatehjang, Talagang, Mianwali, Muzaffar Garh Highway are the new projects under the first category whereas grant of Operating Concession of N-5, a major artery commonly known as GT Road, an existing maintenance related project.

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