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Pakistan’s 🇵🇰 Al-Khalid-1 Main Battle Tank MBT

  1. AK-1 Gets new IR Resistant Paint “Anti Thermal” (INTERMAT) which means it will be less Visible in enemy’s IR sight than the Regular Paint (CARC).
  2. AK-1 gets added “ERA Protection” on the front section of the Hull. Further details on ERA are still not disclosed but it will definitely give AK better protection against modern “Projectiles”.
  3. Breaking or delaying Lock On by Adversary.

4) Low RCS against NIR-MIR-FIR Waveband.

5) Better Camouflage.

Important Notice: Its AK-1 not AK-2. AK-2 is still Under Development. As per sources Dozens of Upgraded AK-1 have been delivered to Pakistan Army.

Post Courtesy: Sohail Ahmed & Team PSF

Pakistan AK AlKhalid HIT Army

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