Pakistan to introduce electronic voting system: Imran Khan

Pakistan government announces electoral reforms for ‘fair and transparent elections’Amid fresh charges of election rigging in Gilgit-Baltistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to introduce the electronic voting system to make the election process fair and transparent.

The government also decided to move a constitutional amendment in parliament to introduce a show of hands during voting in the Senate elections, and to include overseas Pakistanis in the election process.

The idea of reforms was announced to make election process in the country more transparent following polls in GB, where major opposition parties Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) complained about election rigging.

Electoral reform Pakistan’s government announced three changes as part of electoral reforms

:• Electronic voting

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• Allowing overseas Pakistanis to cast their votes

• A constitutional amendment to make sure senators vote during senate elections through a show of hands.

Reforms to help tackle corruptionHighlighting the benefits of reforms, Imran Khan said the amendment would help address the challenges of election fraud, bribery and corruption in the Senate electoral process.

“The show of hands in front of everyone would put an end to the practice of corruption,” Khan said.However, the premier said that the reform would require a constitutional amendment that requires a two-thirds majority in parliament.

“Now it is up to the rest of the parties whether they will support this constitutional amendment,” he said. The current government decided to introduce electoral reforms “because we want fair and transparent elections in Pakistan” the premier added

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