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Google Maps is Adding a “Go Tab” to its App

Google announced that it is adding a new “Go Tab” to Google Maps that will make it easier for everyone to access their most visited places. This was introduced as part of the app’s 15th anniversary and it will combine the “Commute” section and other travel-related hotkeys.

This new Go Tab will be located on the bottom bar between the “Explore” and “Saved tabs”. Similar to social media apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, Google Maps will allow you to pin as many destinations as you want. Tapping on one of these will show you details for each destination including directions, live traffic trends, an accurate ETA, etc.

The ETA (estimated time of arrival) becomes even easier to estimate if you are using public transport. Once you pin specific directions, you can also get accurate departure and arrival times, updates, and notifications from the transit agency you are traveling in. This makes the ETA more accurate than before.

Google says that the app is slowly rolling out to Android and iOS users globally and should become available to everyone this week.

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