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World Bank Announces $300 Million for 2 Sindh Projects

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved US$300 million in financing for two projects in Pakistan—the Sindh Resilience Project and the Solid Waste Emergency and Efficiency Project.
These investments will bolster Pakistan’s efforts to build resilience to natural hazards such as floods and droughts in the Sindh province and strengthen solid waste management in Karachi to tackle recurrent urban flooding and public health emergencies in the city.
The US$200 million Sindh Resilience Project Additional Financing will help the government better manage climate and disaster risks, including floods, droughts, and public health emergencies. The project will strengthen linkages between disaster risk management and the health sector by establishing the Sindh Emergency Service to enhance the capacity for disaster preparedness and emergency response, including health crises such as COVID-19.
The project also improves irrigation infrastructure to protect vulnerable communities living in rural areas, which will directly benefit 750,000 citizens in drought-prone areas of Kirthar range hills and the Nagarparkar region in the Tharparkar District

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