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In January 2021, Pakistan tested Medium Range Ballistic Shaheen III Missile (capable of strategic warheads) and immediately we observed intense disinformation and propaganda campaigns against the test from the other side of the border.

It was observed that Indian accounts immediately starting broadcasting a wide range of propaganda against the test ranging from the test’s fabricated failure to how the “warhead” exploded in Balochistan. We have to analyse why exactly this propaganda effort is targeting this specific test. Are the Indians just scared of our capabilities or do they just not want us to develop our strategic capabilities and are using each and every method in the book to dissuade us from testing our missiles?

We must remember that even though Indian officials are not the ones explicitly saying this, they are no doubt behind this coordinated, sophisticated and vast propaganda campaign.

Keeping this in mind, I’d like to inform you (the people of Pakistan) why exactly this test took place. It is important that as responsible citizens we understand this. Missile tests are done for a variety of reasons: to check the parameters of a certain design, to check assembly line performance, to verify range and accuracy, to train soldiers and several other things but the main point I want you to understand is that these tests are absolutely essential for ensuring the working of our most valuable capability, the same capability which is the essence of Pakistan’s defence.

There are rumours that this particular test was done to verify efficacy of a certain guidance system, which reportedly we changed from an American to a Chinese system. That’s it.

It was absolutely essential for us to test so that we can verify the delivery system works as we expected. And our neighbours were trying to create propaganda against it so that they can stop us from building a #StrongerPakistan.

© @AODirectorate (Whiskey Papa)

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