SadaPay – First Numberless MasterCard In Pakistan.

SadaPay to offer free Mastercard debit card and digital wallet. online payments through MasterCard network, international deposits, Spend, send and withdraw cash without fees.

SadaPay, a digital mobile wallet is all set to launch in Pakistan with a different perspective on fees and charges. Now customers will be able to open an account from their phones in 2 minutes by simply uploading their selfie and a picture of their CNIC, get a card and start spending anywhere in the world.

SadaPay can now issue cards that work on the Mastercard network in any market where Mastercard is accepted, Allowing for seamless transactions anywhere in the world, including online payments on international websites like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, AliExpress, Steam, GoDaddy.

SadaPay and Mastercard are collaborating to bring the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region’s first numberless and contactless-enabled card to Pakistan, allowing users to make a hassle-free and secure transaction.

The numberless card offers SadaPay users a safe and easy way to transact both online and offline. The physical version of the card is also numberless which means no one will be able to see any financial information thus providing users protection from identity theft.

SadaPay accounts have no monthly or annual charges, customers are allowed three free ATM withdrawals per month and IBFTs to other bank accounts and mobile wallets under Rs10,000 are also free.

To receive a virtual card, users will have to signup on the SadaPay website. You will also need a valid identification card to join the waitlist for the numberless card by signing up. Cardholders have their financial details safely stored within the SadaPay app.

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