Man Spends 26 Years to Give Holy Quran a New Look

Mushtaq Ahmed, an 85-year-old Karachi resident, has spent over 26 years giving the Holy Quran a new look, making a significant contribution to the global Islamic viewpoint.

He composed the verses of the holy book using geometric principles in a first-of-its-kind manuscript that does not include the scripts of today’s languages.

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Mushtaq Ahmed started this employment at the age of 60, when, after a lifetime of struggles and the realities of life, people often prefer a life of peace and luxury over a life of hard work. Regardless, Mushtaq Ahmed resolved to put forth a lot of effort for the religion he loves, and he used his spare time to work on the book, which he wrote utilising geometric rules and interpretations.

Mushtaq Ahmed has asked the Pakistani government to either help him place his book at the Masjid Al-Nabawi library in Madinah Munawara or to store it at the world’s third largest mosque, which will be built in Bahria Town, Karachi, in the near future.

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