Toyota apologises in settlement over harassment suicide

Toyota has apologised and vowed to tackle workplace harassment after settling with the family of an employee who killed himself following repeated abuse by his boss.

The 28-year-old engineer died by suicide in 2017, after being regularly abused by his boss, including reportedly being told: “It would be better if you died.”

His death was recognised as work-related in 2019 by a regional labor board, according to local media, and a Toyota spokeswoman confirmed Monday that the firm reached an out-of-court settlement with the family in April.

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In a statement issued Monday, the automaker expressed sorrow over the man’s death and said it “takes seriously the fact that the precious life of one of our important employees has been lost”.

“We are developing and carrying out preventative measures to ensure that such a painful episode is never again repeated,” it added.

It said the measures would include an expansion of the company’s counseling system and strict punishment for harassment at work

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