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Govt to acquire Modern Farm Technology to Develop Agriculture Sector

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the federal government is working to get modern farm technologies from China and other countries to develop the agriculture sector.

A delegation of farmers met PM Imran Khan to discuss agriculture-related issues and developments.

While talking to the farmers’ delegation, the premier said that he has no business and personal interests except to working hard for developing Pakistan. He said that he struggled to get rid of the corruption of the rulers who used to steal and transfer public funds abroad after coming into power.

PM Khan said that the sugar mafia used to fix higher prices of sugar besides seizing the rights of farmers by not issuing their full payments. He continued that the sugar mills association had threatened the authorities over an investigation of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). They threatened to vanish sugar from the markets if a probe has launched against them, said PM Khan.
He admitted that a war is underway against the sugar mafia and the government will win

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