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Daraz Delivered Over 5 Million Electronic Products in 2020; Breaks all Previous Record


Consumer electronics is one of the highest revenue contributors for e-commerce globally and it is predicted to generate the highest Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) in the leading markets across the world. According to research, the statistics show that 53% of electronic sales in the retail industry came from e-commerce in 2020.

However, Daraz, the biggest e-commerce platform of Pakistan has also created history in 2020 by catering over 4 Million orders that were placed for electronic items only.

During Covid-19 Pandemic, a major boost in online shopping has been observed in Pakistan. However, due to the excessive increase in online sales, Daraz becomes the First-ever Pakistani e-commerce platform to fulfill 4 Million + orders of electronic items in the single year of 2020.

According to the official source, over 1.7 Million buyers purchased electronic products; whereas, 5 million+ items were sold on Daraz. These statistics have made it clear that the Pakistanis are successfully changing towards modern buying ways while shifting from the traditional ways of physical shopping.

Electronics is the most popular category in Pakistan with about 40% of the percentage share amongst all categories. Daraz by having 900,000 + page views on a daily basis in 2020 successfully caters to millions of orders in a single year.

The variety of electronic items at Daraz is huge, as people can search for any of the desired products on this platform. Moreover, the hero products in electronics that generated the highest revenue for businesses are Air conditioners, Headphones, Smart Televisions, Play Stations, Washing Machines, Traditional Laptops, and few others.

The online sales of these electronic items are expected to increase this year as people have started trusting the online platforms more as it saves time and effort from physical shopping. Currently Daraz’s flagship electronics campaign is on-going. Go & Grab the Chance.

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