Someone threw a shoe at Talha Anjum of ‘Young Stunners’ during concert in Islamabad


Young Stunners Concert in Islamabad didn’t go well for Talha Anjum. During his performance for the audience, he was hit a shoe or bottle by an unknown man from the audience.

Losing his temperament, Talha Anjum stopped the concert and threatened the man from the audience for throwing a bottle.

Talha Anjum aggressively said, prove yourself a son of a man and come in front of me and do the same.Talha Anjum also said the security will not come between us, I will handle you alone.

While Talha Anjum was dealing with the man who threw a shoe or bottle at him, his partner Talhah Yunus quietly stood behind him watching his partner dealing with the audience alone.

Netizens condemned the hatred Talha Anjum had to face in Islamabad, saying that this is not a way to treat an artist. Some people also disliked the way Talha Anjum threatened the man who threw the bottle at him.


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