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President Arif Alvi urges youth to take advantage of the Google course.

President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, claims that online education programs like Google Career Certificates can open various doors to digital employment opportunities for Pakistani youth. Therefore, Google recently introduced Career Certificates to provide the Pakistani youth a platform to gain knowledge and learn digital skills for in-demand jobs.

This year, the Google Career Certificates programme will provide 15,000 scholarships with the assistance of local partners such as the Institute of Rural Management (IRM) and the Ignite National Technology Fund. According to President Arif Alvi, the digital courses hosted by Google and IRM would equip Pakistan’s young with skills to pursue careers in domains including as cyber security, communication technology, and blockchain.

Likewise, President Alvi said that this plan would take Pakistan towards digital technology that will reform the world. This plan will also affect business operations, as youngsters can offer their expertise on a global level, which will result in businesses’ fast and effective functioning. Thus, President urged the youth to take advantage of Google Courses to make their careers.

Additionally, he said that the youth would be able to enter various diversified sectors thanks to the digital courses offered by Google and its partners. Such opportunities in Information Technology (IT) can lessen youth unemployment in the country.

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